środa, 2 kwietnia 2014

Project: Gregory's room/ Bed

Since one year our dear Gregory sleeping between us in bed like a tiny comma - unfortunately, the comma is growing and the direction of his favorite dream is, of course, across the bed ...

I love how he cuddle to me and asks before sleep " hug me mom ", but ... at the same time I would like to get back a bed just for us. Gregory had finish 3 years and it seemed to me to be a good opportunity for some changes: finally he will have 3 years ! :)

I decided to act. I looked at probably all children's beds that are available in the Poland – there was nothing what I like, nothing " wow " and nothing despite best efforts not calling out "buy me ".
One thing I knew for 100 % - a new bad had to be great! - And for us and for Gregory.

Nice were bed-cars - but unfortunately plastic, somehow did not encourage the purchase - and besides, the price > 1500PLN compared with the performance seemed to be overpaying.
Bunk beds encouraged, but in turn I did not see my toddler on the ladder. What if he fall, if slip his leg ... ? Fell off.

In the end, resigned I reached on - ie foreign services and ... imagine my surprise when I saw this type of solution:

Of course, there was no talk about import it - so what else can I do? It was necessary to build it :)
Chris, my husband found out about my plans, of course, did not take them seriously. Even he began to explain to me un-executability of my plans.
Of course I did not listen :)

I made some drawings, measurements ... and I made a sketch of bed. I combined a second pair of hands to help - obviously more familiar with a saw, drill, screwdriver, screws and nails ... :) my brother. I ordered the wood - planks suitable length – I even combined myself day off  from work.

I will put pictures of the subsequent stages of my project!